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The Real Secret of Weight Loss

"Eat lots of good food!"

This is the real secret of weight loss. 

I don't mean "diet food".
I don't mean "lentil soup" and "bran".
I mean ordinary, good food.

Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, beans,
cereal, whole wheat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta.
Lean meat, low-fat dairy food,
Lower-fat ice-cream and so on.

A Balanced Eating Plan
A balanced eating plan helps you get down to
a healthy weight WITHOUT weight-regain.
Trust me. I've helped hundreds of teenagers to lose weight.

Common mistakes you can make

Eat too much fast food
Drink too many soft drinks
Add fat to your food
(e.g. Mayo, cream, butter etc.)

Good Snacks
Whole wheat sandwiches
(hold the butter & mayo)

Bowls of cereal or muesli
(With low fat milk)

Bowls of canned fruit
(In juice, not syrup)
topped with low fat ice-cream

Lots of fresh fruit
(Chop it down to size!)

Talk to your Mom
Tell her you want LESS fat in your meals,
but more vegetables, beans and potatoes

That's all there is to it.

Escape from Fat Prison in six months
If you follow a balanced eating plan that
allows you lots of good food,
you can easily lose 50 pounds in six months.

Why not talk it over with your Mom
and start tomorrow?


PS. If you hoped for some kind of magical answer,
I'm sorry.
But I'd rather tell you the truth than feed you a fairy tale.


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