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Don't Isolate Yourself

Do you get on with
your Mom and Dad?

If not, you must take control and
change the situation - right now.

You must re-establish a good relationship
with both of them.

Don't wait for them to approach you.
Parents are useless at handling their own teenagers!!

So figure it out for yourself.
The important thing is,
you MUST get on with them.

Because you have a lot of mountains
to climb and you won't do it
if you're arguing all the time with your folks.

Do you get on with your
colleagues at school?

If not, you must take control
and change this, too.

A good first step is to JOIN IN.
Even if you get hit by a bit of flak
persevere - don't give up. Got it?

Being or feeling isolated
is a waste of your precious time.

Change the situation. And do it now.
You'll be amazed what a difference it makes.

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