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If you would like to submit a tip
for inclusion on 100 Weight Loss Tips
please note the following:

1. Non-commercial
All tips must be non-commercial.
No products or sign-ups, please.

2. Be Specific
Each week, we receive dozens and dozens of general tips:
e.g. Eat Less! Drink lots of water or Avoid Fat! Etc.
None of these tips are specific enough!!
Please try to be as specific as you can.

3. No Duplication
Each week, we receive tips that are very similar
to ones already on the site.
Please take a moment to check that your suggestion
does not already appear in some form.

4. Something a little different
Advice to avoid eating too many burgers or pizzas
is very sensible, but not terribly new.
We don't want to cramp your style...
but we especially welcome tips that are
a little out of the ordinary - those with EXTRA BITE!!

5. Serious or Amusing
Be amusing or funny - it's entirely up to you.
We think humor is important.
But please don't be put off.
We welcome serious suggestions, too.

6. All Tips will be Edited
To maintain uniformity of style, all tips will be edited.
However, if you have any special requests, please tell us.
We'll do our best to accommodate you.

7. No Guarantee of Inclusion
We are sorry but we cannot guarantee
to include your particular tip.

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