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Failure isn't the Problem
Why not?
Because it happens to everyone
from time to time.

Remember, most really successful people
were 'failures' before they became stars.

The real problem is
how we REACT to failure

For example
When failure is staring you in the face
you have two options:

Option 1.
Fall apart, start whimpering,
blame everything on your husband
Option 2.
Pull yourself together and get busy
(you can blame him later)

Guess which option gets the most results?

Anti-failure Motto
We all need something to fall back on.
Something to hold onto when yuck happens.
So hold onto this motto.
Say it to yourself when things go haywire.


Failure happens to everyone.
It's happening to me at the moment.
But failing is NOT important
It's how I react to it that counts.
So I choose to get busy and
focus on the things I CAN do
Rather than worry about the things I can't.

I may not be able to get a decent job,
But I can lose weight.
I may not be able to cope with my neighbor's cat
But I can lose weight.
I may be unable to pay my bills
But I can lose weight.
I may not be able to find my husband
when I need him
But I can lose weight.


And if all else fails, you can always eat
a jar of cookies (whoops!)

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