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Think You're a Weight Loss Failure?
Well you're WRONG!
You are NOT a failure.

You may eat the wrong food.
You may be overweight.
You may not control your weight well.
You may have huge thighs.
You may even vote Democrat.
(Whoops! Just kidding)
But you are NOT a failure.

Why not?
Because none of this has anything to do with
being a FAILURE.
It simply means you are DIFFERENT.

So NEVER call yourself a failure.
Call yourself DIFFERENT!

Do words really matter so much?
Suppose Coca Cola was called Glotch.
Suppose McDonalds was called
Fat-With-Everything Inc.

Get the message? 
Words are everything.
(Another reason to avoid the word 'diet')

So, no matter how fat you are, remember:

You are not a failure.
You are different.

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