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Why is fast food called fast food?
Because nothing helps you to put on weight as fast.

It may be okay to cook fast food at home
where you can control the ingredients,
but eating it in a fast food restaurant
is ASKING to be fat.

Some scary examples

Food Item Fat Calories
Plain croissant 12 240
Cheese Danish 25 360
Hash browns (½ cup) 9 150
Fries (small serving 10 210
Hot dog (regular, plain) 15 250
Taco (small, no mayo/cheese) 21 370
Pepperoni pizza (1 medium slice) 25 375
Fried chicken breast (without sauce) 29 515
Large cheeseburger + ranch dressing 55 840

All values are approximate

If you're trying to lose weight,
you should eat no more than
about 30-35 grams of fat, per day

I know fast food is convenient
I know the kids adore it
I know it's in-your-face everywhere you go
But it ain't worth it

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