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Laugh and Lose Weight!

Have You Noticed?
When we get fat, we lose our sense of humor.

We get fed up very easily.
We don't go out.
We get depressed.

A slight exaggeration, perhaps.
But you know what I mean.

After all, it's not easy to feel happy
when you're seriously overweight.

That's why it's so important to laugh.
But like anything, it takes practice.

So practice!

Laughter helps weight loss
There are several psycho-babble-type studies
which suggest that
people who laugh, lose weight more easily
than those who don't.

Let's not argue with the experts.
Let's start laughing.

One night, stick a potato up the exhaust
of your neighbor's car.

The following morning, watch him leave home.
You'll be laughing all day!
(Hey! Only kidding!!)

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