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Learn to Say No!!

Learn and practice polite ways of saying No.

Example 1

You've been invited to a party.
Somebody shoves a home-made quiche
in your face and says:
"You MUST try my quiche, darling."

Do NOT reply:
"Take a hike, big-lips. I'm on a diet."

Instead, say:
"I'd love to Ivana, sweetie,
but I'm so full - I've just eaten."

Example 2

Your Mom has emotionally blackmailed you
into spending the weekend with her.
The moment you arrive, she pulls out
an apple pie (surprise, surprise) and says:
"Look, it's your favorite...
I baked it specially for you."

Do NOT reply:
"Ugh! Take it away.
I've loathed apple pies since I was 12."

Instead, say:
"Hmm, looks great.
I'm going to save it for after dinner."

The moral
Don't let other people force you to stay fat.
Learn to say No (politely).

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