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Weight Loss Failure

How Do You Overcome Weight Loss Failure
Answer: Kill it!
By achieving something.
Like what?
It doesn't matter what you achieve.
Because even the smallest achievement
will kill your failure stone dead.

How do you start?
By making a plan.
Because a plan forces us to act.
And action leads to achievement.

4 Ultra-simple Suggestions

Do 10 minutes of exercise, every day.
Twice a day is even better.
Err, not in the bedroom, girls.

Do one chore you really hate.
Or something you've been putting off.
Like disinfecting your son's bedroom.

Buy a notebook and pen.
Keep it in your handbag.
Use it to plan your spare time activities.

Get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning.
Use the extra time to do something extra.
Study the stock-market, build a tree-house...
I'm sure you'll think of something.

The Point
The moment you start achieving something
the sense of failure in your head will disappear.
And you'll lose weight, no problem.

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