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Weight Loss for Women

You Need Incentives to Lose Weight!!

Because dieting can be a pain in the butt,
we women need as many incentives as possible.
e.g. fur coat, diamond necklace...

If you can persuade Mr. Man to cough up
the odd diamond all well and good.

If not, you need to generate a
few incentives by yourself.

A good start is to measure yourself all over.
Measure your bust, waist, hips,
thighs and upper arms.
Make a note of these
super-secret statistics,
lock them in your safe,
then have a stiff drink.
(You'll probably need one)

Then, each fortnight or month,
re-measure yourself.

Each ½ inch lost will do wonders
for your motivation.

See next diamond (Whoops! I mean weight loss tip)

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